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Looking for how to begin with your first IoT design ?


In the past few decades there already has been a tremendous increase in the usage of gadgets and on the dependency of people over these devices is also very high and in this technological evolution the next big step is towards connecting man with machines. The same technology which played a significant role in automating many of the things that we were doing manually is going to help in this too and these are the embedded systems and one another inclusion is the network as this will enable internet connectivity to help us control most the devices and this evolving concept is known as ‘Internet of things’.

As more devices with sophisticated features are to be connected to the Internet, the complexity in designing them is going to be high and hence for those curious IoT designers who are looking to design your first IoT design, for them below are discussed few suggestions that will help you to begin with your microcontroller design and based on the various features you look for to be available in your Microchip you need to design your microprocessor accordingly,

  • Decide upon the integrated circuit to be used first and if you lack clarity and expertise to begin from scratch then go with an existing platform with user interface options already available and make your experiments on them.
  • Any circuit when designed these days it has to be versatile enough to be integrated with different boards and this shows it can used across various devices and hence will meet the long term user needs in the market
  • Next, check for network vulnerability and security issues, as many Internet application oriented devices are facing cyber threats and attacks and hence a robust design that itself leave no space for threats is absolutely needed.
  • There is also a demand across the world on power savings and hence devices that consume less power are considered to be ecofriendly and promoted by Governments. too.