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Looking for how to begin with your first IoT design ?


In the past few decades there already has been a tremendous increase in the usage of gadgets and on the dependency of people over these devices is also very high and in this technological evolution the next big step is towards connecting man with machines. The same technology which played a significant role in automating many of the things that we were doing manually is going to help in this too and these are the embedded systems and one another inclusion is the network as this will enable internet connectivity to help us control most the devices and this evolving concept is known as ‘Internet of things’.

As more devices with sophisticated features are to be connected to the Internet, the complexity in designing them is going to be high and hence for those curious IoT designers who are looking to design your first IoT design, for them below are discussed few suggestions that will help you to begin with your microcontroller design and based on the various features you look for to be available in your Microchip you need to design your microprocessor accordingly,

  • Decide upon the integrated circuit to be used first and if you lack clarity and expertise to begin from scratch then go with an existing platform with user interface options already available and make your experiments on them.
  • Any circuit when designed these days it has to be versatile enough to be integrated with different boards and this shows it can used across various devices and hence will meet the long term user needs in the market
  • Next, check for network vulnerability and security issues, as many Internet application oriented devices are facing cyber threats and attacks and hence a robust design that itself leave no space for threats is absolutely needed.
  • There is also a demand across the world on power savings and hence devices that consume less power are considered to be ecofriendly and promoted by Governments. too.


Premium Magento Templates – One software solution for all kinds of eCommerce Web Designing


The real driving factor in starting an ecommerce business is completely based on the type of products sold, the cost to set up the store and then on how successfully the e-shop is being marketed and this all needs to happen from the initial launch. These steps are initial involved in building and launching the store, then there should be provisions for expansion and growth of the store, for that the right ecommerce software must be used.

Magento is popular ecommerce software that provides the platform required for setting up an ecommerce store over the web. It is one of the few ecommerce platforms that comes with a wide range of magento templates to choose the right design for the site and also offers enough flexibility to customize and use based on the niche of products sold in the shop or for the type of business it is being used. It has got all the required features and also offers enough scope for adding more features through add-ons and plug ins to configure and expand it in future as the online business grows and to meet the users demands for hassle free online shopping experience.

As Magento is open source software, some of its themes are free and are a good choice to begin with your online shop with a little budget too. Based on the kind of store you are setting up, you need to use the relevant premium magento templates like few examples suggested below,

Pet store – For Pets products
Vita shop – For Medicinal store and Health rpoducts
Apparel store – For Apparels and footwears

There are sites where Magento templates can be bought and in these sites as the templates are categorized based on the niche such as food, textile or fashion, automobile, electronics and the sort of, for whichever niche they require a template or design, buyers can navigate through them and cans elect the suitable template they want for their ecommerce site. Another advantage is that there is a free demo option to view the design fully so that the look and feel of the template even before they can be bought and used can be known and based on that the most suitable theme can be bought. There is also an option to know the details of the design where the details such as design version, upgrades available, system requirements for using the theme, browser compatibility, and various other additional features that are unique to the theme can be found.


Webhostinghub reviews and ratings for 2016


It almost seems now that the internet is going to be the future. Old business models and business services are now changing and even big companies and organizations have started to adapt to the usage of internet and technologies like that.

Advertising in newspapers have become old fashioned and hence nowadays the companies for promoting their business advertise in the internet. As internet is the most popular media than televisions, radios and newspapers and has the most number of users. Hence it becomes a necessity for the company to have a very good website in the internet in order to establish its presence over the web world.

When the dependability on the internet grows obviously the number of websites in the internet will increase and also the older websites designed and developed using the web technologies at that point of time have to be changed and updated with newer and latest web technologies.

So they look forward to have a website of their own which could be accessed and viewed in the internet by any number of users at a time. They create websites and then host these websites on some web hosting company. That is alone not enough in future there will be more traffic to the website that is there will be more number of internet users visiting the websites and hence it is necessary that the websites should be hosted using the best web hosting company and for this to find out the best web hosting service provider the webhostinghub ratings can be used as a reference.

The webhostinghub reviews and ratings for 2016 will help you to know the latest features with them. However in order make the website accessible in spite of a huge web traffic it has to be hosted on the web server of a good web hosting service provider and they can do it using the webhostinghub reviews which is one of the most reliable web hosting service providers.


Things You Need To Check When Changing Your Web Host


Changing web host can be due to many reasons such as quality of service offered, cost of hosting, special features needed and many more like that. But when you are changing your web host, get to know these and the foremost thing among them is to take a backup of all the contents of your existing website file which is present in the FTP folder of your existing hosting account.

And then look for these in the newer web hosting service you are opting for such as the maximum server hosting up time guaranteed, then you decide on how to determine the amount of space and bandwidth required for your website because most of the hosting companies would have their hosting plans classified on space and bandwidth requirements and then you should look for additional features such as the ease to install web applications, support services offered for the web technologies you are planning to use and whether the hosting company is capable of supporting the future demands required by your website. Preplan your hosting change well and try to make it as quick as possible and ensure you do not lose much traffic during this web hosting change period.


Web Hosting Customer Reviews and Ratings – Why it is necessary


The internet is a great marketing tool and most businesses are beginning to tap this resource to expand their business horizons. Because of this, Webhosting has become a pretty common consideration nowadays. Even personal bloggers are looking into earning from their hobby and when finances are involved, every element involved in the entire project is considered an investment. This is why we need to find something of real value. When it comes to webhosting, most of us probably need educating.

They are the world’s largest independent web hosting directory where you can find all major web hosting companies’ information, reviews and rating about their offered services. The reviews and ratings are provided by real customers who have tried their web host services. The list that you can find in WebHosting Reviews and Ratings is an updated list released for this year, 2015.


Do you want to know the Web hosting ratings of this company? They have rated as UNIX hosting is first and Windows Hosting is second, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, collocation hosting, and managed hosting. You can get unlimited domain name, unlimited traffic, and unlimited space for moderate rate. They have fixed price for only hosting, for account maintenance and more. Are you ready to get an account with Join now as a member of best web hosting company.

How to set up ecommerce website – one click Premium Prestashop Templates for you


We can see that there has been an increase in so many ecommerce sites coming up online and it is also known about them that running an eCommerce business is not easy. However, setting up an ecommerce website over online is simple and easy. If you are looking to set up your new ecommerce shop over online or you have an existing online store which you would look to redesign and make it attractive and more customers friendly.

Getting an ecommerce has really become very easy with the help of ecommerce themes and content management systems (CMS), to put it simply after the evolution of web 2.0 technologies, it has become extremely easy to set up an ecommerce store.

Though there are many themes and templates available for ecommerce, the themes that are regularly updated with newer upgraded versions of it being launched along with several add-ons available for it should be considered in first place for your ecommerce business. Because when setting up an online shop there are several add on features required to make it easier for users to navigate the online world of shopping you offer, to surf your products, choose some of the, adding them to cart and to pay for it online. Only themes and templates such as prestashop templates alone can offer an all-around complete package to easily set up, upgrade and provides possibilities for future expansions and customizations.

Prestashop is shopping cart software which is exclusively for ecommerce such as online shopping sites and above all is open source software that is available for free download. The main advantage of having an open source software is there will be several add-ons available that will also be available for free download and any issues or bugs can be fixed with the help of techies in forums and designers involved in developing these themes easily free of cost.

There are several reasons why you should use Prestashop themes for your online business stated as below,
– No price
– Free guidance and support
– No license required
– Can be used multiple times
– Multipurpose templates
– Comes with more than 300+ features

Advantages of using premium Prestashop templates for ecommerce
– PayPal integration available
– Social Media addons available
– Single page check out option
– Newsletters generator
– Apply Coupons feature can be integrated
– In built SEOs with automatic metatags generation based on products
– Mobile version of themes available which are customizable to support different Mobile OS such as iOS, Android and Blackberry.


IPage Hosting and Inmotion Hosting review – Which one is better ?


IPage Hosting review

In recent times, we find many young successful entrepreneurs in the internet who became so by conceptualizing their unique and innovative ideas through a website like social networking sites, online shopping sites and merchant services and so on.

The success behind these ideas and its websites are due to their user friendliness. User friendliness or customer friendliness is not just that the website was attractive and easy to use and the real reason was that they had been hosted well. Because good web hosting service offers better uptime and can manage effectively huge traffic to the website.

One of such excellent web hosting services provider is the ipage hosting and they have been in the web hosting business for more than a decade catering the needs of all types of websites such as business, personal, social and also non profit services. They also offer a bonus credit of popular search engines ad words and marketing services.


Inmotion Hosting review

Even then we find that many of the web hosting services in the internet are quite popular and have a good reputation for their hosting services. I was also very eager to know which one would be the best among them as every one was at par in their services with each other. I started to read the reviews of the entire top web hosting services providers and even explored their ratings.

To my astonishment there was one web hosting Services Company which had the most number of reviews which was also rated among the top ten and was recommended by most of the reviewers of the online web hosting services providers and it was the inmotion web hosting company. And it was evident from the reviews that their customer base has been increasing constantly since their inception and that show their reputation and phenomenal growth in the web services industry.


For Instant Domain Name Search


A few years ago there was not a necessity to do a domain search before we create and host our website in the internet as there was not many websites in the internet. But now the scenario has changed completely there is a huge competition in the web business and there is a great demand for websites and potential top level domains in the internet. However, with the introduction of search engines in the internet searching for a domain name was made bit easier.

Adding to that some of the websites have made instant domain name search feature available in their sites through their domain name search engines. However, most of these domain search engines would give results stating whether the main domain name is available or not such as .com and .in, only a very few instant domain search websites tell us whether the domain name is still available in various extensions like .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi and like that.


Latest in Web Technologies


As I was browsing the internet and found many attractive and informative websites. Both big and small companies and also individuals have their own websites for different purposes. Depending on the purpose for which they create it like personal or an official one they can design, create and develop it using the various web technologies. And by creating the websites of their own they can establish their presence over the Internet. Some of the websites I browsed were designed using latest web technologies and using them was quite simple and easy. Though these web sites were designed to be user friendly it is due to the web hosting companies that hosts these sites they are available for our usage in the internet. When it comes to Latest Web Technologies there are many such as WordPress, Adobe, PHP 6 and many more as such.

Even after creating a good web site it is very important to choose the suitable web hosting services as only they can provide the best hosting services with web servers having excellent power back up and also shall provide enough storage space required for the website. And only if the web server is good and has power supply throughout the day and all days in a year the website can be accessed over the internet without any interruptions and disturbances.


Web Hosting Geeks Reviews


Web Hosting is a key requisite to start and to upload a web site no matter if it is a company or individual web site. People looking for a web hosting provider should be attentive as your wrong choice can bring about many problems which at times may even affect your business. A web hosting is almost like a platform with which you can advertise your business and even put on view your opinions and communicate with them. But the problem occurs at the time of choosing the best suitable provider for your individual or company site which can be solved after going through best user reviews on webhosting.

To sort out the problem, you can check out the web site webhosting geeks where you can get to know about the different available providers offering a range of services.

The website comprises of the details of the best website hosting providers and has individual reviews and comments on each provider. Based on the user reviews and user ratings, these service providers are given rankings. The website also consists of articles on several subjects such as different types of servers, multiple domains, types of hosting, cost and even blogs that consists of various useful posts relating to hosting and its services.

Web Hosting Reviews are also given at each site that aids you to compare the services offered by one provider with that of the other and also you can find the information about awards at the web hosting awards category that includes best budget hosting, best email hosting, best Unix hosting, best forum hosting etc.